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To produce books that empower families to create a space where meaningful conversations around hard topics can be had. Young readers will learn to thrive as they see themselves reflected in the diverse pages, with kids going through big things, just like them.
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"My son was devastated when his grandmother passed away. I didn't know how to help him through his grief, but then I found 'Good Grief.' This book helped me understand how to talk to my son about his feelings and helped him to find healthy ways to cope with his loss. I am so grateful for this book."

Sarah J.

"As a bereavement counselor, I am always looking for resources to help my clients cope with grief. 'Good Grief' is a wonderful book that I highly recommend to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. It is a gentle and compassionate guide that provides practical advice for dealing with difficult emotions. I am so glad I found this book."

Dr. Emily P.

"I am a child psychologist, and I have found 'Good Grief' to be an invaluable resource for my patients. This book is a gentle and compassionate guide that helps children to understand grief and to find healthy ways to cope with their loss. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is working with children who are grieving."

Dr. David L.


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